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Meet TAAN TV’s Team

Laura Thompson, CEO/Creator

When I would tell non-African Americans about starting a digital television streaming platform, they would tell me to start a YouTube Channel.  They could not see the significance of a platform dedicated to African Americans. My why for starting a television network that catered to African Americans started in third grade at a summer camp.  I was exposed to television production then.  Fast forward to 1995, I worked for an Internet company in San Antonio, Texas and envisioned doing something with the Internet and television then.  My focus has always been the African American market.  I never really saw or heard stories from an African American perspective and never saw many positive images of African Americans on television, so I have always dreamt for starting a television network to give African Americans a voice and change what we believe about ourselves from decades of listening to someone else’s stories about us.


Instead of complaining about why there were no positive shows about African Americans, I decided to create a platform where I controlled the content, the time length of the shows, and a platform that provided African Americans with a voice and outlet to tell their own stories.  And thus the African American Network was born.


Now we are one of the leading providers of original content for Africans Americans and airs content produced and created by African Americans.


TAAN TV is changing the way African Americans see themselves and is changing the perception of how others see us.  TAAN TV – The African American Network has a Local Feel with a Global Reach.

Vance Bradford, COO/Executive

Vance Bradford has degree in both Human Relations and Business Management.  He is an excellent negotiator and has a knack for identifying great talent.  He as managed and cultivated opportunities for many national comedians, including, but not limited to Nephew Tommy, host of the Steve Harvey Morning Show; Reginald Ballard aka Bruh Man from the fifth flo from the hit television show Martin; Juan Villereal, and the list goes on.  He’s worked with major networks like BET, HBO and ShowTime.  His lifelong dream was to create content for television.  He’s already produced multiple shows for TAAN TV like Jazz Plus, 69 Comedy, Dr. B’s Buzz, In the Room, Sports Talk Live and Set it Off Senior Style.  Vance is living his dream through TAAN TV.

TAAN TV Personalities

Courtney "Goldie" Jackson

Courtney “Goldie” Jackson is an actress, comedian, talk show host, and producer. She has appeared in a number of sitcoms, reality shows, and comedy shows that include VH1’s The Flavor of Love, Season 1 & Charm School (Cast) Starz Martin Lawrence 1st Amendment (Co-Host) Shaking Up – Play (Cast) Tons of Love – Film (Cast). She is the host and co-producer of the Coffee Break on TAAN TV, which airs on Monday afternoons at 3:00 PM CST, and Goldie’s Interviews, which currently airs on Instagram at 7 PM CST on Thursdays and coming soon to TAAN TV-The African American Network.


Courtney is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


Here’s what some of Goldie’s Fans from “Flava of Love” have to say about her.


“We all need a Goldie in our life. Her spirit is everything”

“I haven’t seen Goldie in forever. She looks absolutely beautiful”

“Goldie it’s so good to see you! I hope this takes you far! You have such a fun upbeat spirit!”

“Goldie you rock, you was the only sane person there”

Jeremiah "Drone" Watts

Jeremiah “Drone” Watts is the host of “2 Dawg Sports Talk” out of Tulsa, Oklahoma on 89.9 FM and www.kbob899.com on Tuesdays from 6 PM – 8 PM CST. He is an advocate for Sickle Cell Anemia in Tulsa and is also part of the Sports Talk In the Room with Vance Bradford on TAAN TV – The African American Network where he contributes a segment called “Just a Dawg Gone Minute”. Sports Talk In the Room airs live every Tuesday at 8:30 PM CST. 

Marc Howard

Marc Howard is a National Comedian.  He does Stand-up comedy at Comedy House.  He’s also an actor, coach, trainer, dad, and granddad of three.  Marc is a frequent guest on the “Roll Out Digital” Podcast.  Marc has been a guest on the “2 Dawg Sports Talk” radio show, and a regular on Sirius.  


Marc Howard is a regular on Sports Talk in the Room with Vance Bradford every Tuesday at 8:30 PM CST.  Tune in to watch on 7 digital platforms including ROKU, Apple/Android devices, Amazon Fire Stick & www.taan.tv, and social media platforms including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter Live and Linkedin Live.

Phil Townsend

Phil Townsend is the Co-Host for Sports Talk in the Room with Vance Bradford on TAAN TV.  He has a segment called “Phil Knows it All”.  Phil lauds the fact that he is from Langston Oklahoma and graduated from Langston University.  Phil is the antagonist on the show and brings a very candid perspective not only to the sports portion of the show but to his weekly commentary.  Watch Phil Townsend on Sports Talk live every Tuesday at 8:30 PM CST.

Vance Bradford

Vance Bradford is the creator, director, and host of Sports Talk In the Room with Vance Bradford.  He brought in a crew from across the country from the West Coast and Midwest to bring a mixture of exciting conversations about sports, community, politics, and great causes.  Sports Talk has several segments that include individual commentary from each crew member.  The segments include “Just a Dawg Gone Minute” by Jeremiah Watts; “Simply Marc’s Rant” by Marc Howard and “Phil Knows it All” by Phil Townsend the Co-Host for Sports Talk In the Room.  Check out Vance Bradford on Sports Talk Live In the Room every Tuesday night at 8:30 PM CST on all TAAN TV platforms.


The purpose of TAAN TV is distribute content that reflect the lifestyles and images of African Americans and to give us a platform to share our stories and views globally.

  • To Enlighten the world with truths from African Americans
  • To Educate through our lens
  • To Inspire African Americans to create their own stories, realities, and outcomes
  • To Build community through media

TAAN TV is a powerful platform to amplify our collective voices. 100% Black Owned


TAAN TV – Local Feel. Global Reach

TAAN TV has created a space for you to watch original TAAN TV content and to view a flavor of our African American culture from different perspectives through curated documentaries, news commentary, podcasts, real talk shows, children’s shows, movies, independent film, and web series, all created to share various perspectives from the mouths of African Americans.  

We stream high quality content independent film, news, web shows, and documentaries via pay per view, live streaming, live broadcast, and video on demand produced by us and independent filmmakers and producers that want and need their voices to be heard from an African American perspective.


We provide revenue sharing opportunities for our content creators quarterly, so when you are supporting by subscribing to TAAN TV you are also supporting our content creators whom you watch on TAAN TV.  #localfeel #globalreach #theafricanamericannetwork #yourviewcount

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